Spotlight Artists

Ashleigh Litcofsky

In November of 2022, studio1851 collaborated with Ashleigh and her brand Le Beau Melange. Created in 2021, Le Beau Melange provides stylish and timeless jewelry pieces that are designed with positive intentions towards the consumer and the earth! Check out her products now!

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Matt Rothberg

In October of 2022, studio1851 started collaborating with student Matt Rothberg and his brand Crossover Cases who started his business @crossovercases at 13 years old. He created custom and unique Lasell Univeristy Phone Cases and more!


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Lyric Miller

In November of 2022, studio1851 started collaborating with Lyric Miller and her brand nerdy Chic. She started her own business in 2017 and has continue to grow it ever since. Check out her brand now!

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Maddie Young

In September of 2022, studio1851 collobarated with Maddie Young who repurposes clothes into unique and exciting streetwear style pieces. We are excited to share her design skills and fun clothing with the community!

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Karlyn Racela

In September of 2022, Past Studio1851 team member Karlyn Recela became part of the store as a spotlight artist! She made a great collection of upcycled pieces and we are excited to be able share her talent and unique pieces with the Lasell Community!

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Kassie Fisher

In April of 2022, studio 1851 worked with Kassie Fisher and her brand K Kreations. Kassie creates handmade crocheted jewelry, each piece beautiful and unique made with several different colors!

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Casey Salvatore

In March of 2022, studio1851 worked with student Casey Salvatore. Casey's collection of handmade knit and crocheted items are colorful and fun!

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Cameron Goodwin

In February of 2022, Cameron Goodwin brought in several curated pieces that he thrifted from different stores in New England featuring a collection of vintage t shirts, crewnecks, button ups, pants, and more!

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Mekenzie Barbosa

in February of 2022, Mekenzie Barbosa introduced her brand Sapphire Moon featuring bags with all different prints. They are each named after the person who inspired her to choose that pattern.

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Tamara Neyra

In November 2021, studio1851 started to collaborate with Tamara Neyra and her bold & colorful jewlery pieces. Her collection features rings, necklaces, and bracelets that are the perfect way to complete any look!

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Emma Murray

In November 2021, Emma Murray returned to studio1851 for the second time to sell products from her very own brand "Waisted Fashion." Explore her collection!

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Joshua Sweet

In April of 2021, the studio1851 team hosted a popup with live music from Lasell Student Joshua Sweet and his band!

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Jade Fishback

In Arpil of 2021, studio1851 had Spotlight Artist Jade Fischbach and her jewelry collection: 17BeadsCo. Explore her pieces and her Etsy!

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Khalid Lai- Walters

In February of 2021, studio1851 collaborated with senior Fashion Designer Khalid Lai- Walters and his brand Black Studio.

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Aine Hawthorne &Abby Detrick

At Family Friends & Alumni Weekend, Lasell University Alumni Aine Hawthorne and Abigail Detrick hosted a book signing in collaboration with studio1851 for Les Modes Magnifiques. Take a look and shop their color book!

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Cyntoya Simmons

In November of 2020, studio1851 collaborated with Area Coordinator Cyntoya Simmons. Check out her Etsy and redbubble!

Margo Lemieux

In December of 2020 studio1851 worked with Professor Margo Lemieux. She illustrates and writes children's coloring books and stories. Visit her page to read about her story and to shop her work on amazon!

Sydney Pesaturo

Lasell University's Sydney Pesaturo and her fashion collection was the first Spotlight Artist in studio1851!

Sydney's Collection