Products with a purpose

studio1851 is devoted to supporting our community in various ways by supporting local, choosing sustainable, and working with socially responsible vendors. Much of the merchandise sold through studio1851 is thoughtfully picked to ensure all parties involved are supported from the people to the environment.

Supporting Local

studio1851 has partnered with many artists on the Lasell campus through our “Spotlight Artists” to support and bring attention to the talented community. It is a chance for people to have their brand or designs highlighted on studio1851’s social media accounts, website, newsletter, and in our retail store on display or for sale. studio1851 has worked with artists on the Lasell campus from Syd Pes, Margo Lemieux, Cyntoya Jenae Crafts & Fine Art, Black Studio, Waisted Fashion by Emma Murray, Jade Fischbach, and many others. All share their creativity on campus for everyone to appreciate and support. Another way we support our local community is by connecting with local vendors for tasks such as screen-printing apparel like the “Entering Lasell” T-shirt, Lasell sweatshirts, or our new Lasell embroidered crewnecks.

Supporting a Cause

At studio1851, our merchandise is thoughtfully chosen with the best intent in mind. The brand Blue Q, whose socks and bags we carry, supports hunger relief programs throughout the world, The Nature Conservancy, and Doctors Without Borders. Our Mariposa earrings support habitat preservation in the Amazon rainforest. The TurtleFur accessories that we carry donate a winter accessory to someone in need through Project Warmth.

Supporting the Enviorment

New England weather can reach cold temperatures and to keep our community warm, we carry 100% wool outdoor gear made in Nepal from the Vermont-based company Turtlefur. Turtle fur is committed to consistently reviewing its environmental practices, products, and packaging to improve the environment in which we live. The company has a Green Team and a recycling program to track their impact. Other products we carry are our “Honeybee Gardens Lip Balm” which is cruelty-free, organic, and vegan. We carry key chains that are cast through recycled car parts. The environment is always in mind when we decide what products to bring into the store and we try our best to be sustainable wherever we can.