Kassie Fisher: K Kreations

We were so excited to sell Kassie Fisher's handmade crocheted jewlery and share her talents with the community! Learn more about her story here:

"I am a Freshman Fashion Design and Production major here at Lasell. I create delicate crochet jewelry which includes bracelets and earrings. I have been crocheting since a young age and started these more delicate pieces in middle school. I have always found it relaxing and rewarding to see the beautiful unique pieces that I can create. Due to a busy schedule in high school, I was unable to keep up with it, but during covid and over the summer I fell back into and have decided to use this passion and share it with others. Each piece is handmade and unique whether it is beaded, different colors, or braided together. I would love to get a business up and running from this and share my pieces."

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