Jade Fishback: 17 Beads Co

In April 2021, studio1851 had a new Spotlight Artist- Freshman Jade Fischbach. Jade has turned her hobby of making jewelry into a business and incorporated her unique style and taste into all different forms of jewelry. Each jewelry piece is handmade by Jade herself- with careful thought and intent. Check out her collection below and head to her Etsy to look at her other creations!

Jade's Story: "I started making and selling jewelry when I was 8, but I’ve always been a creative person. when I’m not making jewelry I’m with my friends or listening to music. More recently, I found myself having more free time and falling back into art as a creative outlet. I found beads I liked and drew inspiration from colors and patterns that I wear. At any time i’m wearing rings, necklaces, and bracelets and they bring me a lot of confidence. I wanted to create jewelry that’s unique and makes people feel good about what they’re wearing, and that’s what sparked the idea for my Etsy! I’m super excited to be working with Studio1851, and for what’s to come! "