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Emma Murray: Wasted Fashion

studio1851 has collaborated with Junior Fashion Design Major Emma Murray and her brand Waisted Fashion.

Alexis Grant sat down for an interview with Senior Emma Murray to ask about this upcoming collection with studio1851.

"Emma Murray, a senior fashion design major, has collaborated with studio1851 once again this fall with her brand Waisted Fashion. She is passionate about sustainable wear and upcycling, which has been the main inspiration behind her new collection. Her new products are eclectic, reasonably priced, and come completely from secondhand clothing. When you buy a product from Waisted Fashion, you are getting a truly unique design that is sustainable, edgy, and expressive. Shop Waisted Fashion, and check out our website at as well as our instagram at @studio1851lasell for more information!
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Murray partnered with studio1851 last March as a Spotlight Artist. In a recent interview, she shared how working with studio1851 last semester was a great opportunity for her, and that it was amazing to see her garments in store. “The experience I had last semester was so amazing, so I had to do it again.” Murray said, explaining how it was great that studio1851 was able to help her market and sell her products. 

Design Story: How did Waisted Fashion Begin?
Murray began her design journey in high school, after doing three independent studies in fashion design. She started selling her garments as a first-year student at Lasell, but didn’t get serious with her brand until the Covid-19 Pandemic began. She started marketing on her Instagram page sophomore year, which was a challenge for her at first. “I'm more of the construction and creative side, so I've learned that you really need to post a lot and create a lot of fun graphics and stuff like that to get yourself out there.” Murray explained. Marketing yourself is so important as a new designer, and Murray was thankful for the help from studio1851 in that aspect!

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The Growth of a Student:
“Every mistake that I make, I learn something new from.” Murray expressed. She shared how Waisted Fashion is teaching her to advocate for, as well as market herself, as she prepares for a career in the fashion design industry. Although she has been stressed this semester as a senior getting ready to graduate, Murray stays motivated. Focusing on organization and practicing good time management skills has been important as she navigates the path towards future success!

A Product to be Excited About:
One product Murray has been specifically excited about is her new upcycled Lasell t-shirt! She came up with this idea on Marathon Monday, as a way to show school spirit in a fun and lively way. "

Written By Alexis Grant '