Cameron Goodwin: Curated Thrifted Vintage


Cameron Goodwin brought 17 curated vintage pieces into our store which he has gathered from thrift stores in the New England area. We were excited to offer his collection which is made up of t shirts, button ups, and more. Here is Cameron's story:

"My name is Cameron Goodwin. I am from Winslow, Maine. I am majoring in Fashion Media & Marketing. I have been thrifting ever since I can remember. Going to secondhand stores for basketball jerseys was the start. As I got older, I started to have a love and appreciation for clothing and sneakers that I have now. Thrifting was an opportunity to build my closet with pieces that few other consumers have. Vintage allows you to have a certain one-of-a-kind piece due to the age and different conditions of the garments. The hunt for vintage pieces while thrifting is the fun of it. You have days where you find nothing and then others where you find grail items. Thrifting has and will always be a passion of mine."