Aine Hawtyhore & abby Detrick: Les Modes Magnifiques

At Family Friends & Alumni Weekend, Lasell University Alumni Aine Hawthorne and Abigail Detrick hosted a book signing in collaboration with studio1851 for Les Modes Magnifiques. Take a look and shop their color book!

School of Fashion alumni and class of 2020 graduates, Aine Hawthrone and Abby Detrick worked in conjunction with professor Carey to create Les Modes Magnifiques, a Rococo Fashion Coloring Book. These honors students shared a love for fashion history and wanted to create this coloring book to showcase costumes from the Rococo era. This three-year endeavor shares stories from a diverse selection of individuals who experience court life as expressed through beautiful fashion styles in France and England. Come check out their book sold in our store today!